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Chumbe Island recognized as Regenerative Travel Initiative of the Year 2023

Chumbe Island Coral Park proudly receives an international travel award.

Regenerative Travel celebrates Chumbe Island Coral Park as a tourism project that fosters positive change in our communities and the environment at large, selected among international contestants.

Regenerative Travel awarded Chumbe Island Coral Park as best Regenerative Travel Initiative of the Year as part of the Regenerative Travel Impact Awards 2023, officially announced at Wythe Hotel in New York City during Climate Week on the 26th of September 2023. These awards shine a spotlight on individuals and initiatives that embody the essence of regeneration, making the world a better place for all.

The Travel Initiative of the Year category specifically hails Chumbe Island as an initiative that harnesses the potential of travel to nurture ecosystems, uplift local cultures, and make sustainability a guiding principle for exploration. This award highlights individuals and projects that extend their impact beyond the borders of the travel industry, fostering positive change within communities and the environment at large. Chumbe was a contestant among finalists from the USA and UK.

“Bringing this award to Chumbe Island is very encouraging and meaningful for all of us in the Chumbe team, as the principles of regenerative travel are deeply engrained in our everyday operations” says Marketing Manager Diana. “We will host a small celebratory ceremony once the trophy arrives here in Zanzibar, likely towards the end of the year”.

Regenerative Travel is a US based association and marketplace of travel companies, such as hotels, travel agents, DMCs, and tour operators that regenerate people and places. The organisation searched across the globe for inspirational change-makers who are tackling the world’s greatest challenges and sparking positive change, both within and beyond the realm of travel. Regenerative Travel’s esteemed panel of judges was carefully selected for their extraordinary expertise, diverse backgrounds, and unwavering commitment to creating a better world. With deep knowledge spanning marine ecology, social entrepreneurship, travel journalism, sustainability, visual storytelling, tourism policy, hospitality, and impact investing, the panel of judges was well-prepared to uncover groundbreaking ideas that can propel regenerative travel award.

Meet the judges

  • Angelique Brathwaite: Director of Science & Co-Founder at Blue Finance
  • Kathleen Rellihan: Travel Journalist & Editor
  • Veronica Chou: Impact Investor
  • Kelley Louise: Founder of Impact Travel Alliance
  • Sophia Li: Journalist & Climate Optimist
  • Mukul Bhatia: Visual Storyteller
  • Paul Rodgers: Co-Founder & Director at Planet Happiness
  • Harsha L’Acqua: Saira Hospitality

Regenerative Travel’s shortlisting process was rigorous and based on the following criteria

  1. Alignment with Category
  2. Regenerative Travel and Principles Alignment
  3. Significant and Verifiable Contributions to Social and Environmental Impact

Chumbe Island will receive its award trophy via post in the coming months and will participate in a virtual round table with other Regenerative Travel Impact Award winners and judges to come together, foster networking, and exchange valuable insights and guidance.

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