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You will be accommodated in one of our seven stunning solar-powered eco-bungalows, perfectly blended with the surrounding nature and situated between the beach and the forest.

Each bungalow is equipped with a king-size bed on a sleeping platform under a palm-thatched roof (twins and triple beds can be provided by arrangement), a living room equipped with handmade furniture and decorated with African art, colourful fabrics, a very comfortable bed-style hammock, and a self-contained bathroom (with shower, wash basin, and high-specification composting toilet).

Take your time to explore our off-grid eco bungalows and see why they are so special:

Accommodation, Accommodation

Seafront Bungalow

Our two premium Seafront Bungalows are located on the beach’s edge and offer splendid views across the ocean. The second-floor sleeping platform benefits from additional stunning views over the marine park. These bungalows are our most spacious and can cater to couples or families.

$ 360 US pppn inclusive (full board, including boat transfer, all meals and drinks (excl. alcoholic beverages), all guided activities and snorkel equipment)
10% discount in low season

Seaview Bungalow

Our Seaview Bungalows are two storeys and just a few steps from theocean. The second-floor sleeping platforms benefit from stunning views out to thepristine nature of Chumbe. These bungalows cater for couples (with the option toadd additional beds in the living room for families).

$ 340 US pppn inclusive (full board, including boat transfer, all meals and drinks (excl. alcoholic beverages), all guided activities and snorkel equipment)
10% discount in low season

Accommodation, Accommodation
Accommodation, Accommodation

Garden Bungalow

Set in the lush vegetation of Chumbe Island, our Garden Bungalow is single-storey, and more compact. It is ideal for singles, couples, or guests who wish to avoid climbing stairs to the bedroom. Like all the bungalows, it features a king-size bed and an en-suite private bathroom with a hot-water rain shower.

$ 280 US pppn inclusive (full board, including boat transfer, all meals and drinks (excl. alcoholic beverages), all guided activities and snorkel equipment)
10% discount in low season

Accommodation, Accommodation
Accommodation, Accommodation
Accommodation, Accommodation

Food & Dining

The culinary experience is an integral part of your visit to Chumbe. Locally sourced ingredients are lovingly prepared by our kitchen team with a daily selection of Swahili dishes that reflect the diverse flavours and spices of the islands. The recipes are collected in our new cookbook KITAMU.

Chumbe purchases only fresh fish from local fishers and has implemented a sustainable seafood purchasing policy, avoiding ecologically important reef fish species and promoting marine species less prone to overfishing.

We have also developed and distributed Chumbe’s “Sustainable Seafood Guide” to a wide range of hoteliers and hospitality operators throughout Zanzibar to raise awareness and encourage sustainable sourcing.

Accommodation, Accommodation

Please note that our rates are full board and include all food and drinks, except alcoholic beverages. We have a selection of locally inspired cocktails, sustainable wines, beers, and other drinks for you to choose from at an extra cost. Please let us know before your visit if you have any dietary needs or allergies. Our cuisine includes a variety of vegan, vegetarian, gluten and lactose-free dishes.

Additional Information

Children on Chumbe Island

We welcome children, toddlers , and babies of all ages on Chumbe Island and we do provide baby cots. Please be aware that the bungalows are very open (including the upstairs sleeping platforms). The bungalows are also located in relatively close proximity when it comes to sound travelling. Our team loves children and will do their best to accommodate them, but we do not have babysitting services on the island.

Flight details

Please let us know your flight details if you arrive or depart on the same day of your boat trip to and from Chumbe. Our boat schedule is fixed, but we are flexible in arranging private boats to ensure you arrive on time for your flights.


If you have extra luggage that will not need at island we can store them at our office located at Mbweni until your return from island. Do you have some extra space in your luggage? Would you like to support our education programmes? Please visit Pack for a Purpose, which shows the list of items needed. Your help is greatly appreciated!

Eco-Architecture and Sustainable Operations at Chumbe

The Chumbe eco-lodge has seven bungalows, each designed with state-of-the-art eco-architecture and eco-technology. These ‘Robinson Crusoe’ style bungalows are self-sustaining, collecting rainwater for the bathrooms and generating electricity through solar power photovoltaics. Advanced composting toilets and wastewater management systems in each bungalow ensure your stay will have close to zero environmental impact. We closely monitor and control all the island’s operations to minimise environmental impacts.

Chumbe works with local craftsmen and artisans to source sustainable building materials, equipment and art. Food products are all sourced from local community fishers and farmers. Each eco-bungalow is equipped with biodegradable soap from a local women’s cooperative and features an organic shampoo made in Zanzibar. Our team prepares a natural mosquito repellent, and we provide traditional Zanzibari khangas and kikois for use around the island.

Photovoltaic solar panels provide all electricity on the island. Each bungalow has solar panels on the roof, providing power for that individual bungalow. Separate arrays of panels are located behind the mosque and close to the mangrove pool to power the Visitor Centre and staff quarters.

Our eco-bungalows and Visitor Centre have been designed with large roof surface areas to maximise rainwater catchment. Each bungalow cistern can hold up to 15,000 litres of water, sufficient to supply the bathroom taps and shower units for the entire year.

Chumbe is committed to strict zero-pollutant management for all our operations. To achieve this, water outlets are directed to clay-encased areas planted with indigenous species with high phosphate and nitrate dependencies, which prevents greywater runoff into the marine environment.

To help reduce the amount of solid waste produced, Chumbe restricts the numbers of visitors to the island and avoids purchasing non-biodegradable products. Goods are transported in locally made, re-useable, biodegradable baskets.

Raw fruit & vegetable waste is composted on the island. In contrast, any non-biodegradable waste is brought back to Zanzibar, where Chumbe works with local partners that focus on collecting, processing, re-purposing and selling recyclable waste, locally and internationally.

As signatories and ambassadors of the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, Chumbe Island has avoided using plastics since its early days and is a single-use plastic free island. We continue to engage with our value chain on the importance of reducing plastic consumption, collaborate and report publicly and annually on progress made.

As part of our vision to manage and protect Chumbe Island effectively, we strive to serve as a model for effective ecotourism and MPA management. We also provide a platform to promote broader environmental awareness for sustainable development and ecological stewardship in Zanzibar. We have partnered with the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism to support sustainable tourism initiatives under the ‘Greener Zanzibar Initiative’ and are a launching partner of the Zanzibar Declaration on Sustainable Tourism, endorsed by the President of Zanzibar.

We are a proud partner of the following  organizations

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