Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd. (CHICOP) is an award-winning private nature reserve that was developed from 1991 for the conservation and sustainable management of uninhabited Chumbe Island off Zanzibar.

The reserve includes a fully protected Coral Reef Sanctuary and Forest Reserve that harbour rare wildlife, a Visitor and Education centre, a small eco-lodge, nature walks and historical monuments. All buildings and operations are based on state-of-the-art eco-technology aiming at zero impact on the environment (rainwater catchment, photovoltaic energy and solar water heating, composting toilets, vegetative greywater filtration etc.).

The company objectives are non-commercial, while operations follow commercial principles. The overall aim of CHICOP is to create a model of financially and ecologically sustainable park management, where ecotourism supports conservation, research and comprehensive Environmental Education programs for local schools and other benefits for local people.

In 2011, Chumbe Island became the first Global Ecosphere Retreat (GER) certified Long Run Destination through the Jochen Zeitz Foundation which means that Chumbe strives for the highest standards in sustainability through the balance of conservation and commerce, whilst fostering community development and cultural stewardship.

Chumbe’s sustainable management and promotion of key ecosystem services for the region has since been recognized on many levels, including being mentioned in the UN Secretary General’s report to the General Assembly on protection of coral reefs for sustainable livelihoods and development, which states: “A noted example for PES (Payment for Ecosystem Services) within the context of coral reefs habitat is the private, non-profit Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd (CHICOP) in Tanzania (2012).

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Join our team as Conservation and Education Manager

Join the team as Conservation and Education Manager

New Infrastructure Charging Rate of 5 USD per guest per day in 5- or 4-star hotels in Zanzibar

New Infrastructure Charging Rate for Hotels in Zanzibar, of 5 USD per guest per day, effective as off 1st July 2023

Chumbe Island is a launching partner of the Zanzibar Sustainable Tourism Declaration, endorsed by the President of Zanzibar

Chumbe Island participated at the Zanzibar Tourism Investment and Travel Exhibition (ZTITE) under the theme of ‘Greener Zanzibar’ and assisted the official launch of the Zanzibar Sustainable Tourism Declaration.

Chumbe Island received United Nations accredited Award

The Global Forum on Human Settlements, in consultation with the United Nations Economic and Social Council, has recognized Chumbe Island as globally significant under the category of “Tourism (Scenic Spot) & Ecological Restoration”

Beach Clean Up events on Chumbe Island

DTP (Deutsch-Tansanische Partnerschaft e.V.) volunteer Lukas Kestel wrote a report that monitores four Beach Clean Up events conducted between March and August 2022 by volunteers and Chumbe Island team.