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Free “Green Destination” resources for sustainable tourism in Zanzibar

Tourism in Zanzibar has been affected by the global pandemic. In order to build a more resilient, eco-friendly, inclusive and responsible tourism, Chumbe Island developed the ‘Green Destination‘ campaign with the support of the German Ministry for Development Cooperation (BMZ).

The campaign centered around four main themes: sustainable waste management, marine conservation, sustainable seafood and island biodiversity & natural history and aimed to get tourism stakeholders from Zanzibar together to come up with creative solutions to some of the challenges faced by the sector!

Community competition, workshops and outreach efforts were conducted free of charge for community members, tourism professionals and other stakeholders.

A range of supporting documents were developed or updated which are available for download here:

Recycling in Zanzibar (overview of current available recycling options for tourism businesses and private households)

“Each one teach one” waste guide (practical guide for sustainable waste management in Zanzibar) in English and Kiswahili

Marine Behaviour Advice Poster (responsible marine tourism advice poster for tourism operators) in partnership with ZATI

CHICOP sustainable seafood guide (a guide on how to choose more sustainable fish in Zanzibar)

Feel free to use these documents and to share them in your networks. The Chumbe team is happy to receive feedback or comments in regards to the documents.

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