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Chumbe Island celebrates the rare sighting of 23+ year-old mini-antilope

Chumbe Island Coral Park Ltd. (CHICOP) proudly shares an extraordinary discovery within its well-preserved Closed Forest Reserve. During a recent collaborative survey with the Zanzibar Department of Forestry, utilizing wildlife cameras from the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) Zanzibar, a team led by Ulli Kloiber, Omari Nyange, Salim Abdalla, and Natalie Volkwein successfully documented the sighting of a 23+ year-old Aders’ duiker on 19th November 2023.

This sighting is exceptional given that the scientifically recorded lifespan of Aders’ duikers is around 12 years. The presence of a 23+ year-old individual is remarkable and significant, underscoring the pristine and nurturing environment of Chumbe’s Closed Forest Reserve.

What makes this sighting particularly interesting is the duiker’s high age; yet the animal appeared very healthy and active in the captured videos. The videos further confirm that the animal is male and carries a purple ear tag in its right ear, a marker indicating its translocation from Mtende (Zanzibar) to Chumbe Island conducted in February 2000.

The successful identification of this translocated duiker emphasizes the conservation efforts and monitoring efforts on Chumbe Island.

Chumbe Island’s role as a sanctuary for endangered and vulnerable species, such as the Aders’ duiker, is vital. The island’s Closed Forest Reserve, successfully managed by CHICOP in collaboration with the Department of Forestry, provides a safe haven that allows these species to thrive and, in rare cases, exceed their expected lifespan.

CHICOP remains steadfast in its commitment to conserving this invaluable natural heritage, extending beyond preservation to extensive educational programs for school children and community-wide training initiatives across Zanzibar.

aders duiker, Chumbe Island celebrates the rare sighting of 23+ year-old mini-antilope
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