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BBC World Challenge Finalist 2010
Smithsonian Award Finalist 2005
ToDo Award Finalist 2004
World Legacy Award Finalist 2004

Magazine articles

The Guardian 2015
The Washington Post 2015
Ukarimu Online 2015
FOCUS Online 2015
COAST Newsletter 2013
GeoSpezial 2012
Spiegel Online 2012
Travelnews Kenya 2012
Africandiver 2011
1000 places to visited before you die

Underwater photo guides

Underwater photo guide 2019 – Volume 1 – Reef fish
Underwater photo guide 2019 – Volume 2 – Reef fish
Underwater photo guide 2019 – Volume 3 – Reef fish
Underwater photo guide 2019 – Volume 4 – Reef fish and Sea turtles
Underwater photo guide 2019 – Volume 5 – Invertebrates
Underwater photo guide 2019 – Volume 6 – Invertebrates


Chumbe Management Plan 2017-2027
Chumbe Status report 2015

Chumbe Bird survey 2014
Chumbe Bird survey supplement 2014
Chumbe Marine governance analysis 2013
Chumbe Roseate terns report 2012
Chumbe Ader’s duiker report 2012

Eriksson et al 2010 Seacucumber fishery Zanzibar
Gudka, Kloiber et al 2019 Participatory reporting of the 2016 bleaching event in the Western Indian Ocean
Johansson 2006 Scarus niger thesis
Klaus 2012 Reef fish thesis
Knudby & Nordlund 2011 Remote sensing
Kolzenburg 2012 Trigger fish thesis
Larsson et al 2010 Diadema setosum
McClanahan et al 2009 Resilience in corals Tz
McClanahan 1999 MPA and fishing
McClanahan 2000 Trigger fish
Palmqvist 2013 Seagrass fish thesis
Rostad 2005 Coral recruitment thesis
Skoglund 2014 MPA fish communities
Tyler 2006 Effect of marine reserves PhD thesis
Wikström 2013 Seagrass thesis


Chumbe Island: A True Jewel of the Indian Ocean by Homebrew Films

Chumbe Island: Reef, Claws and Carpaces by Homebrew Films

Chumbe Island Coral Park video by Lucy Marcus

Chumbe Island case study featured on The Nature Conservancy

Chumbe Webinar “Sustaining MPA Management and Conservation – What Can Make it Happen? Experiences and Lessons Learned by Chumbe Island Coral Park” hosted by The Nature Conservancy

Sibylle Riedmiller, TEDX talk, 2012