World Oceans Day Art and Video competition organised by Chumbe Island for School Children in Zanzibar

On the occasion of World Oceans Day 2020, Chumbe Island Coral Park is launching a creative art and video competition for local school children. 

Chumbe Island – support us with an ‘open booking’ to keep our dream alive!

Now, more than ever, the marine environment needs to be secured to support local fisheries to meet communities’ food needs; and habitats need to remain secured to support generations beyond this critical time. Therefore, we can’t give up but we need YOUR support to keep our dream alive!!

Securing Chumbe through the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic is affecting the tourism industry globally. To date (20.03.2020) there is only one confirmed case of Coronavirus in Zanzibar. Nonetheless, travel restrictions in many countries, and the need to self-isolate for many in the coming weeks has resulted in many tourists leaving Zanzibar to return home.

Chumbe Island Wins Best in Supporting Conservation Award at Zanzibar Tourism Awards

Chumbe Island recognized as the 2019 winner in “Best in Supporting Conservation” at the Zanzibar Tourism Awards

“Eco-Travel in Zanzibar” article features Chumbe Island

Chumbe Island and cross-island innovators, Seaweed Center in Paje, are “eco-stays and long-term sustainable projects that are changing the way travelers enjoy Zanzibar’s marine life and beaches.”

Chumbe Island Wins Best in Community Support and Local Development at RTTZ Awards

Chumbe Island recognized as the 2019 Winner at the Responsible Tourism Tanzania Awards

2019 Chumbe Island Underwater Photo Guides now online

Six (6!) new volumes of underwater photo guides focusing solely on the reef fish, sea turles and invertebrates in the Chumbe MPA.

“On The Forefront Of Eco-Education At Chumbe Island”

gestalten features an in-depth interview with Chumbe Island
founder Sibylle Riedmiller to find out why she made it her
life mission to create the Chumbe Island Coral Park
marine protected area.
Read the article here

Chumbe Island featured in “Sustainable use of coastal areas in Zanzibar” videos (English & Swahili versions)

Ulli Kloiber and Khamis Khalfan featured in new videos that explore the challenges and protection approaches to marine life in Zanzibar