Chumbe Island – End of Season Special

End of Season Special:

Any overnight stay booked between 5th February 2021 and 31st March 2021 will be eligible for
  • 10% off for a one night stay
  • 20% off for a two night stay
  • 30% off for a three night stay
  • 40% off for a four or more night stay
The offer is only applicable for bookings made through email, directly to us via book@chumbeisland.com
email offer
Terms and conditions:

The booking must be made directly through our email book@chumbeisland.com.

The offer is not valid in combination with other deals/offers. This price offered is based on full price rate whether that be the high or low season. This offer is not dependent on the amount of pax.

The stay must be between now and the 31st March 2021. If a booking is made in this time period for any stay after the 1st April 2021 the offer is not valid. This offer cannot be attributed to previously made bookings.

Check out our overnight experiences

Overnight (1 night)

An overnight on Chumbe island gives visitors the opportunity to:

  • Minimum one guided snorkeling through one of the best-preserved shallow reefs on the East African Coast.
  • Explore the Chumbe Forest Reserve, with its unique flora and fauna, including an abundance of birds, crabs, reptiles and the rare nocturnal coconut crab.
  • Climb the lighthouse, built in 1904, with stunning views of the island and Zanzibar.
  • Stay in one of our award-winning Eco-Bungalows, built using eco-architecture and eco-technology and constructed with local materials.
  • Taste mouthwatering lunch and dinner that are a mixture of Zanzibarian, Arabic, Indian and African cuisine freshly prepared by Chumbe’s chefs, overlooking the Indian Ocean or with your feet in the sand under the stars.
  • Enjoy breakfast with ocean views with the possibility to see a pod of dolphins passing by.

Overnight (2 nights)

Two overnights on Chumbe give visitors the possibility to experience the following on top of the 1-night activities:

  • Several guided snorkel tours in the marine park, with the possibility to see Chumbe’s Big Five (dolphins, rays, turtles, groupers and sharks) and an abundance of different species of coral and fish
  • Be a scientist! If visitors spot one of the Big Five of the Chumbe coral reef, we welcome them to enter their sighting into our marine megafauna online survey! Our rangers are always eager to explain more about our monitoring projects.
  • Upon request rangers can also arrange for a night snorkel to observe nocturnal animals hunt and possibly witness the magical bioluminescence.
  • Whole island walk explore all the hidden caves and crevices, beautiful patches untouched beaches that appear as the tide drops.

Overnight (3 nights)

The longer visitors decide to stay on Chumbe, the more time they have for:

  • Early morning snorkels – there is something special about going for a snorkel just after sunrise, before the island awakens. For many guests this is their favorite experience on Chumbe.
  • Witnessing the Environmental Education program that is one of the core pillars of the Chumbe Island philosophy (subject to seasonal schedule): By engaging with and giving trainings to members of the local communities, Chumbe Island aims to build up long term partnerships between the villages and the Chumbe Island ecosystem. Visitors can be part of classes on marine biology or help identifying our marine species together with school children from all over Zanzibar
  • Feeling more and more like Robinson Crusoe each day. We can guarantee, with every extra day on Chumbe island, visitors feel more connected to nature, relaxed and happy!
  • During high tide, visitors have a chance to spot our blacktip reef shark juveniles that like to hang out in the shallow waters by the welcoming bay. Over time visitors will find the best spots to observe them cruising along the coral reef.
  • If the tide is right, visitors can explore the sandbank that forms at the Northern tip of the island, which makes for a particular stunning photo spot, especially during sunrise or sunset. Dolphins have been known to come very close to the sand bank at low tide.
  • Speaking of sunrises and sunsets, there is no way better to experience this spectacular moment than atop of the lighthouse with a nice drink.
  • Coconut crabs are literally everywhere on Chumbe island. With every day passing by, visitors will get to know their favourite spots and have greater chances of seeing them out during the day.
  • Enjoying the Chumbe island forest, a very special ecosystem with more than 80 species of birds such as the African Paradise Flycatcher, the African Red Warbler, the Narina Trogon and the Mangrove Kingfisher: they are all around, and with a bit of time and patience, one can spot them in the dense and lush bushes.
  • Exploring the intertidal – when the water pulls out from the reef, it exposes a rich habitat of intertidal pools – here visitors can get closer to the smaller creatures of the sea that are probably busy hunting for food, trying not to be eaten by predators, waiting for the high tide to come or simply hanging out and relax.
  • Visitors can chat to our head ranger Omari about the biggest adventure he has experienced during his almost 30 years on Chumbe Island! Or ask Chagga about his most beautiful memory of Chumbe Island. Most of our rangers have worked for Chumbe Island from the very beginning, so they can tell visitors a lot of island adventures.


End of Season Special is only available through direct email bookings via book@chumbeisland.com