How Chumbe Island is responding to COVID-19

The team on Chumbe Island follows strict Health, Safety and Hygiene Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the Management of COVID-19 based on international and national key resource documents, namely the SOP introduced by the Zanzibar Commission of Tourism, as well as guidelines released by the WHO specifically for hospitality operations.

Based on these documents, SOP for Chumbe were derived which are specific for Chumbe’s context (private protected area and island destination), as well as our ecotourism operations (guided tour activities such as snorkelling and forest walks). Chumbe’s team has been trained and implements the SOP in each department (detailing thorough sanitization and behavioral guidelines).

All team members wear masks. Guests are recommended to wear a mask during the boat journey, as this is the only moment where they might sit closer to other guests. On the island itself the layout of our eco architecture which is open to fresh air and ocean breeze and our maximum carrying capacity of 18 guests per day allow for natural social distancing at all times.

If you wish to purchase a mask, we have masks available in our island boutique from local artisans.

As part of our SOP, all surfaces will be wiped down more often, sanitized and cleaned. If you want one of the Chumbe team members to clean any surface before your use, please ask.

There are slight alterations to the way food is served on Chumbe. To limit contact, our team will offer plated service or a served buffet depending on the occupancy of the day. Served buffet will mean that either our chef or waiters will assist you as you go through the buffet to fill your plate to limit exposure to food items by guests.

Requirements for the destination Zanzibar

The Revolutionary Government of Zanzibar Ministry of Health, Social Welfare, Elderly Gender and Children published Updated Covid-19 Requirements for Travellers in Zanzibar on 26th June 2021. Please consult the following document for any further information