Chumbe Island Coral Park is looking to purchase a boat for guest operations

Chumbe Island Coral Park is looking to procure a boat for its operations, this is an invitation to tender for any boat brokers or boat builders with a boat that meets the following specification.

Please find the specifications for the boat below:


  1. >25ft long boat with >2m beam, and comfortable to fit 15 pax.
  2. Wide enough to handle a stretcher in the event of an injury or sickness.
  3. Fast enough to reach the main island in less than 20 minutes.
  4. Not enclosed sitting area to reduce risk of spreading COVID19.
  5. Able to handle waves of <2m (and doesn’t impact the water on contact with the waves)
  6. Very shallow draft <1m to avoid hitting corals. At low tide the coral gateway is less than 1m deep.
  7. Manoeuvrable as to be able to navigate corals and shallow seagrass.
  8. Able to handle parallel waves and avoid excessive rolling.
  9. Two engines for the safety.
  10. Looks presentable.
  11. Fuel efficient design.

Ideal but non-essential:

  1.  Compartments for storage of life jackets
  2. Steering console and engines with trim function
  3. New paint work
  4. Newly build
  5. New engines or second hand engines with least run time possible.
  6. If second hand also in working condition
  7. With a canopy or able to have a canopy installed
  8. Area to put guests luggage or valuables without becoming wet


Less than 20,000 Euros

Boat available by:

In July 2021

Deadline for quotations:

July 1st 2021

Please feel free to get it contact if you have have questions and any quotations can be sent to

Chumbe boat