As many of our employees come from rural fishing communities along the coast of Zanzibar, most have little formal education. Chumbe`s management has therefore, made it a priority to provide training in all these positions.

All employees learn about the ecology of Chumbe and its relationship to natural resource utilization. They become familiar with the principles of eco-tourism and come to understand not only the ecological benefits of the island habitats such as coral reefs, but also the social, economic and cultural importance of these resources to Zanzibar. This is another avenue through which information is disseminated to the wider coastal communities. Environmental education in this form encourages feelings of ownership and responsibility towards a natural resource.

In addition, many Chumbe team members spoke very few words of English and some possessed low levels of literacy at the beginning of the project’s inception. Through training over the years, the team now consists of many strong and confident English speakers, recognized throughout the region as being exceptional in their work and in their provision of service with the welcoming, family atmosphere you will find on the island.