In addition to field excursions, our EE team also conducts outreach work within schools and local communities off Chumbe Island, which has proven to be extremely successful. We regularly organize stakeholder workshops, teacher trainings, peer-education seminars, radio shows and international environmental celebrations to rally people of Zanzibar to take action for a healthy and sustainable environment.

Celebration of International Events

Every year we plan small events for the commemoration of international, environmental days in order to inspire communities to take action and to further promote environmental awareness. Our past experience shows that especially students can act as passionate advocates for responsible environmental behavior and can lead the way to new attitudes and behaviors in the wider community.

Peer Education

We are also building a reputation for having great knowledge in marine resource management and have been involved in training of local government officials, groups of fishermen from all over Zanzibar, local NGO’s and other groups interested in marine and coastal environment and education. Since the consequences of climate change have become more evident throughout the region (e.g. increased coastal erosion and changing weather patterns), CHICOP’s stakeholders have shown a growing interest in learning how to mitigate these impacts.

Would you like to see more?

Please visit our facebook page for ongoing educational activites where we always post lots of images and raise awareness for up-coming, international environmental events. Past events and EE outcomes are summarized in our Status Report under ‘downloads’.