‘Intertidal’ refers to a shore area that is covered by seawater at high tide and exposed during low tide. On Chumbe Island, intertidal walks are only possible during spring low tides (at new and full moon), when the tide is low enough for our guests to explore rocky pools and seagrass meadows without having to snorkel or even swim. Guided intertidal walks are led by our experienced rangers who are familiar with the shore, ensure safety and will show you fascinating marine organisms which are usually well camouflaged or hidden.

When the tide is very low it is also possible to walk all the way around the island which takes a bit over one hour. Upon reaching the north point of the island, you can then bask on the exposed sandbar providing over a kilometer of pristine beach, while at the south point you can walk to the small islets where you may be fortunate enough to see fish eagles battling for territory.

In addition to the intertidal walk, sailing around the island at sunset may be possible in our Chumbe Ngalawa (dependent on conditions and availability). This small outrigger sailing boat is a traditional local fishing vessel in Zanzibar, and the sunset sail offers guests a unique experience, as well as providing spectacular views of the island.