A trail circles the southern part of the dense coral rag forest on Chumbe Island. Venture this trail on your own or join our one hour guided forest walk where you learn more about the geology of the island, plant adaptations to survive without groundwater, medicinal uses of local trees and shrubs and hidden fauna that is difficult to spot.


  • the footpath leading down into a large intertidal pool overgrown with mangroves and shaded by huge
    baobab trees, where the seawater rises and falls with the tides and where you may observe many creatures adapted to these conditions
  • skeletal structures of corals and giant clams – a gentle reminder that Chumbe Island was once a thriving coral reef that became fossilized. Try to identify these 15,000 year old fossils in the rocky, lunar landscape on the eastern side of the island where salt sprays from the sea prevent vegetation from settling
  • birds hiding in the thicket, hermit crabs crawling over leaves and lizards resting on the ground